Our Success Stories

Maria, 23
Every woman wants to be desired and I certainly feel that way thanks to Lättfotade. I had some dates with guys who not only were well-mannered, but also very good looking. Now I am dating one of them and despite our busy lives we both lead we have lots of sexy fun together.

Erik, 34
I have tried a few different dating sites, but they never worked for me until I discovered Lättfotade. Just a couple of days after registering I met this hottie and we hit it off straight away. Now I enjoy the wildest sex I’ve ever had in my life.

Sanna, 21
Since I registered on Lättfotade I have been receiving member suggestions constantly. I can choose from so many sexy guys that I can meet and have enjoyable time with. Thank you Lättfotade!

Mikael, 28
I was worried somebody would find out about me being on the dating site, but it didn’t take long to convince myself that Lättfotade service is totally discrete. I can choose what to display in my profile and which members get to see my private pictures. Now I can search for members and arrange the dates with ease.

Linda, 26
I signed up to Lättfotade out of pure curiosity, but the amount of attention I received from men was so flattering, that I decided to continue on using the service for a while. I had a few casual dates up until I met this guy who exceeded all my expectations. Not only he gives me the biggest orgasms I’ve ever had, but he makes me feel like a goddess. Every time we meet we can’t get enough of each other.

Fredrik, 43
It is difficult to meet somebody out there who has the same sexual preferences and it takes time to find out about that. At Lättfotade it is easy to search for likeminded people. Now I have an opportunity to meet somebody regularly and live my erotic fantasies.

Sara, 32
I had a secret dream to join swingers’ couple for quite some time and then my partner suggested that himself. I started looking for websites where we could meet likeminded people and came across Lättfotade. It took us some time to find the right couple, but I can’t even describe the amount of excitement we experienced when we met. We invited them over for dinner at our place and we had the evening of unforgettable experiences in our bedroom afterwards. We strongly recommend Lättfotade for anyone who wants to discover the new meaning of pleasure.

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